Thank You Page

I want to thank everyone who made my trip to Nepal possible: Thank you Dr. Jenna for sparking my interest and sponsoring me in this endeavor, thanks to my family for helping me prepare and making it possible, thanks to the MTSU Study Abroad Office and the Philosophy and Religious Studies Departments for helping and supporting me,  thank you to the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Association (there will be a post on how to apply for anyone who’s interested in doing something similar), thanks to Lori for the ESL books – now I don’t have to go in blind, and last but certainly not least, thank you to my amazing man for holding down the fort, keeping me calm, and being tolerant of my happy feet!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Page”

  1. Life is all about the journey, not the destination. May you have a wonderful and enlightened journey. Such a wonderful opportunity could not have happened to a more deserving friend. Happy Trails to you.

  2. Hello and good morning from Guatemala. I appreciate you stopping by by my first ever creation of a blog via You really made my day. Have a pleasant day.

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