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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome all you landlubbers to the wildest ride in the west! These writings are for musicians, bohemians, culture enthusiasts, lovers of life, and anyone who suspects there is more out there than the mesmerizing lumination of the computer screen. So sit back and relax while I boldly go to the nooks and crannies of the world putting myself in harms way, and narrowly escaping disaster all for your entertainment (sorry mom)! I promise to crawl into the cracks of humanity and deliver to you the amazing places, cultures, festivities, rituals, and general awsomenesses of the world that lie quietly beneath the awareness of the general population. Please keep your hands and feet in the cart at all times…

Out of the frying pan and into the fire!                                                   Next up: Nepal and the Himalayas!

Join me as I take up a teaching position at one of the oldest monasteries in the Khumbu (Everest) region, while living in the Sherpa community. During the day I will teach English to Buddhist Monks in exchange for being able to join them in their studies, meditation, and rituals. At night I will hike (home) to the Sherpa village where I will live with a local family. But before I go to the Himalayas, I will be in Kathmandu studying the Nepalese culture, and visiting famous Hindu and Buddhist sites while meeting holy men, and witnessing rituals that have been around for centuries! Get close-up views of the famous Monkey Temple and the Dudh (milk) Baba!