Breaking the Law: The Daily Post prompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breaking the Law.”

“Pull over immediately!” It’s the year 2000 and my band and I have just embarked on a three-month tour. For the U.S. leg, we’re driving a sweet but sketchy 1948 GM Greyhound Bus that we have converted into living and working quarters. This thing is awesome! It’s a double clutch with no power steering, and it takes two of us to turn the steering wheel. Our touring comrades are Boo!, a popular South African band that we have to pick up at the airport in some cornfield town in the Midwest. So around and around we go, circling the airport, waiting for our travel weary friends to arrive. I’m sure you can imagine the scene we’re making, and the surprise of the poor town’s people who have clearly been descended upon by delinquents meaning to uproot their very beliefs. Suddenly we hear the bullhorn, “Pull over immediately!” Well, when you’re driving a bus that’s hard to turn and  you are in fact maneuvering around a circular pattern, that’s not the easiest request in the world, but we made it. Eventually. All we can think about is what kind of ticket we’re going to get, and how many day’s per diem we’ll have to sacrifice to pay it. That’s food! Luckily, our band leader has been blessed with the gift of gab, and when the cop’s ears get tired, we get back on the road, find our friends, and wander away free of fines. I guess they decided we weren’t Breaking the Law after all!

Our Beloved Bus
Our Beloved Bus

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